Do you belong where thousands of men met their watery demise?   


Home of over 700 ill-fated shipwrecks, and said to be the stage of the damning curse that bewitched the Flying Dutchman to rage against the currents for eternity. Many a wandering eye has glimpsed the Dutchman’s ghostly apparition floating above the relentless currents that crash into Cape Point to this very day.


And many believe the angry souls of the perished haunt this coast. For you see, the original lighthouse proved to be located too far from the coastline, an oversight that may very well have caused these monstrous ships to collide with the jagged rocks below.


Perfect place for a sleep over! Airbnb invites/dares you to spend the night in final resting place of these wayward sailors, where you will be enthralled by the mystic tales of this deep, dark ocean. Spend the night under the ever-revolving beam of one lonely lighthouse, at the very tip of the dark continent.  


Host: Jonathan Sharman

Dare to Spend a night at The Cape of Storms