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1.The Great Explorer Boytjie




Check it china, I charf with crisis,


You can WITNESS the cross fitness. 


I go wherever I want, whenever I want.


And if I see a suss flashing banner online? Best BELIEVE I click it.


I’m not scared of a banner, boet.


And ja, is it so hard to believe I scored R2 million ronts for being the 5 millionth site visitor?


Hashtagblessed, bra.


You see, when you’re an EPIC online explorer, you’ve gotta have confidence.


And with Eset Internet Security, you’ll be puffing chest, boet.


Eset keeps lurkers off your cell AND computer,


Giving you the freedom to go NUTS on the web.


So get Eset. Enjoy Safer Technology.







2. The Great Explorer Australian




I’m ah, what you’d call a – a lil’ dangerous.


Tougher than a woodpeckers lips.


I’ve got a cat – named him Curious. Still as alive as ever.


I go wherever I want, whenever I want.


Suspiciously flashing banner? I’m on it.


Have I won R2 million rand for being the 50,000 site visitor?


I don’t know – but sure as sunburn on a scorched roof gonna find out.


You see, when you’re an avid explorer, confidence is key. And with Eset Internet Security, you’re going to have truck tons of it too.


Eset keeps rapscallions out of your computer and your cell phone.


Giving you the freedom to get amongst the great web, however you choose to do so.


So get Eset. The great online awaits.







3. Safe Surfing


[Sounds of waves crashing:]


[Meditation leader type voice]


Imagine surfing in a world with no sharks.


In a world where nothing at all that can hurt you.


No jellys, no swimming knives.


Where the water’s always warm, and there’re millions of ludicrously cute kittens mewing, playing, and floating about on their own teeny, tiny rafts.


That’s what it’s like to surf the net with Eset Internet Security.


All the adventure, with none of the danger.


So go on. The great online awaits.


Eset. Enjoy Safer Technology.







4. Risks




They say it takes 73 seconds of unwarranted courage to be brave.


And that 52.3% of all statistics are just made up.


They say too much I reckon.


They’d say don’t click on that banner.


But it just keeps flashing.


I’m the 500,000th site visitor.


50,000 bucks.


Don’t push it, they’d say.


[click sfx].


They can eat a sack of dirt.




With Eset Internet Security you can afford to be brave.


Eset offers a safe Internet experience for all. Giving you the freedom to push any button you like.


So have at it. The great online awaits.