Regent Insurance

These are two pieces I wrote for Regent Insurance to motivate their sales force for a final push before the end of their fiscal. These pieces come from two different campaigns. The client gave us the subject matter that they wanted to focus on, being Hippo and athletics. The tone is very sales focussed, as the client wished.   

Hippo Month


[Body copy:]


March is upon us again and with it comes our annual Hippo Month; an opportunity to put your sales skills to the test.


Why Hippo?


During the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final, The Springboks knew that there would be a moment when they would be exhausted, a moment where each and every team member would need to sacrifice short-term pain for long-term gain.


As the team collapsed into the scrum as the seconds disappeared from extra time, Francois Pienaar knew the moment was upon him. He knew the mighty All Blacks would not falter. So he uttered a word, a secret word; a call for the team to give everything they had and more. He said, “Hippo”.


United by passion and armed with the will of the entire country, The Springboks forced The All Blacks into submission, winning the scrum and giving Joel Stransky a split second to take a step back and deliver the staggering 30-metre drop goal that changed South Africa’s future forever.


And so this is our Hippo Month, a call for each and every one of our team members to dig into their reserves and pull out that last ounce of energy. A month to make your mentors your rivals, to wake up every morning with determination and go to bed with satisfaction.


This is Hippo Month.


The Great 31


[Body copy:]


As we know greatness is built one step at a time. In March we’ll equip you with tools to achieve what you never thought possible.


If your career is a marathon; this would be the sprint.


Much like a professional runner, you’ve got to be able to harness your full potential to go the distance.


Take World Champion runner, Haile Gebrselassie. 


Gebrselassie undertook a 10km trek to and from school everyday. He was smaller than his classmates, and he struggled with both the weight of his books and the length of his journey. But he understood the importance of education and needed to get there on time.


So he ran.


He ran 20kms every single day from the age of 7.


As he grew, he began to realise that running may be a way to achieve what he never thought possible.


To cut a marathon story short, Gebrselassie went on to win 2 Olympic Gold Medals and a litany of other World Championships. And after a staggering 10 years of track running, when his performance began to wain, he took up marathon running, outpacing all in his path and taking 9 first place medals from races all over the world. He had truly harnessed his potential.


Gebrselassie set 24 World Records, many of which were made bettering his own time. And although he achieved world fame, and may still be one of the best athletes who ever lived, he got there because he played to his strengths and stuck to his own style.


In short, he did it his way.


If you look closely at Gebrselassie, you will notice a unique runners pose, his left arm is slightly crooked, a mark he will always carry from all those years running with his heavy schoolbooks.


And just like Gebrselassie, you too carry your own particular style, drawn from your unique experiences and abilities, a style that allows you to truly connect with your clients.


Draw on your strengths to achieve what you never thought possible.


This March we’ve got you covered with 31 steps to achieve greatness.


Sales athletes, take your marks.