Here are a few TV scripts I wrote to launch SPREE's mobile shopping app. The wanted something that would stand out, and appeal to their youthful consumers.


1. Shop as you are



We all know there are certain outfits that we only wear at home – that old t-shirt from that team building trip you took last year, or your old tracksuit pants with the overstretched elastic band. For this concept we show people in said outfits puttering around a high-end retail store.


We open on a good-looking young man with bed-head, sporting nothing but his jockeys, eating out of a box of cereal and casually browsing through a rack of suits. Confused customers continually give disapproving glances.


We then see a young lady walking through the same shop, wearing a very old and unflattering t-shirt, sleeping shorts, with an eye mask strapped to her forehead and a nose strip on her face. She yawns loudly and lies down on a couch. A well-dressed sales person looks on, horrified.


[Titles appear:]


This is not acceptable in most shops,

in ours it’s encouraged.


Download the SPREE app and shop the highest fashion anywhere, anytime


(and in any state)


Be free. SPREE.





2. F*^k high street



We open on an well-dressed woman walking down a typical New York style high street. Think Pretty Woman. As she’s strutting down the road, snooty shop assistants are standing in the doorways of their pretentious boutiques, staring at her.


She lifts a pixelated hand to them, inferring she is giving them the finger. They look shocked and outraged. We then reveal she’s is holding up her phone, displaying the SPREE app.


[Titles appear:]


No need to pound the pavement for up-to-date fashion.


Shop your way.


Download the SPREE app and shop the highest fashion anywhere, anytime.


Be free. SPREE.

3. The not so serious fashionista



A man off camera casually asks what his friend did on holiday. The friend responds, intensely discussing the various origins of his current outfit. He has scratches and bruises on his face and neck, but is very well dressed.


He says:

“This bow tie was wrestled from a one-eyed bartender in Casablanca where I contracted diphtheria. After a 9hrs strapped to the outside of a minivan I arrived in Marrakesh, finally laying hands on THE PERFECT WHITE SHIRT. Although, later I was savaged by a macaw named Binky. You?"


The camera pulls out, revealing his friends surrounding him looking really confused. They are equally well dressed.


One of his friends responds:


“Ya, we um, we just went to the beach hey.”


[Titles appear:]


Rather let the fashion find you.


[FV/O:] Download the SPREE app and shop the highest fashion anytime, anywhere.


Be free. SPREE.




4. Too cramped for style

A beautiful girl is in a changing room. She zips up the back of her dress, turns to the mirror and beams. We hear cinematic music build – this is her perfect fashion moment. She looks up toward the ceiling and begins to spin, only to bash her elbows into the walls of the changing room as the music cuts abruptly. We hear a loud banging on the door as someone yells for her to hurry up, the halogen light above her flickers and the mirror on the wall falls askew.


[Titles appear:]


Let’s put the joy back into shopping.


The new app from SPREE. Beautiful fashion delivered to your door.