Woolworths Pitch - Renewable Agriculture

People support companies that are seen to support their suppliers, their communities and their environments.


Companies that take it upon themselves to step up and help those who are unable to help themselves.


Simply put, people like the good guys. And if we can harness that energy and push it in the right direction, that’s good not good practice, that’s good PR. It’s genuine. That’s the difference.

As you know, we’re currently experiencing one of the most devastating droughts in recent history.


Farming is an incredibly difficult and important job on a good day. Right now, our farmers are on their knees.


The future of what we eat hinges on these people. And we know that you’ll want to help them.  


We watched a Carte Blanche special on the situation; the plight of meat and dairy farmers. There simply isn’t enough food for animals to graze on, and pellet feed is well out of financial reach of farmers facing bankruptcy.

So what can Woolworths do?


We looked into what this pellet feed is made of – beet pulp, cornhusks, other grain matter. And we realised that Woolworths work with other farmers who have all these by-products of vegetable matter available.


What if Woolworths took these scraps and loaded them into the trucks going to the processing plant?


We could combine this matter into feed, and then pack it into the trucks already heading to pick up meat and dairy farmers products. If we could help feed our farmers animals, not only would it eventually bring down the cost of these products to Woolworths, it would also bring down costs to Woolworths’ customers. A virtuous circle.


We could help save these farmers’ livelihoods.


We could demonstrate, without a fraction of a doubt, that we value our suppliers businesses just as much as we do our own. We believe that good news can circumnavigate the globe before bad news has had a chance to put its pants on. Positive news stands out in dark times. And it’s easy to sell as beneficial for everyone because it IS beneficial for everyone.


And that’s something worth talking about.